Friday, 7 June 2013

This or That


This is something that Yanzel Zoe has tagged me in which I'm ever so grateful for as this is my first tag for anything :) And I thought, I may as well fill this out considering I haven't written a lot about myself on this blog at all.

I notice some of the questions are very Americanised, so some of them I might not be able to answer. So I may put an alternate answer instead :P So lets answer these questions!

1. blush or bronzer - Blush, as I'm pale. Bronzer looks ridiculous on me.
2. lipgloss or lipstick - Lipgloss
3. eyeliner or mascara - Mascara 
4. foundation or concealer - Foundation
5. neutral or color eyeshadow - Neutral
6. pressed or loose eyeshadow - Pressed
7. brush or sponge - Brush

1. opi or china glaze - OPI because I haven't tried China Glaze... yet :P
2. long or short - Long-ish
3. acrylic or natural - Natural
4. brights or darks - Possibly brights?
5. flower or no flower - I don't understand this so, no flower.

1. perfume or body splash - Perfume! I love the stuff.
2. lotion or body butter - Body Butter
3. body wash or soap - Body wash.
4. lush or other bath company - I do love Lush Bubble Bars!

1. jeans or sweat pants - Jeans
2. long sleeve or short - Short, with a cardigan for colder weather.
3. dress or skirt - Dress 
4. stripes or plaid - Plaid
5. flip flops or sandals - I don't wear either, to be honest.
6. scarves or hats - SCARVES! I wear them until I nearly boil to death in the summer :P
7. studs or dangle earrings - Studs.
8. necklaces or bracelets - Bracelets
9. heels or flats - Depends on the occassion. Heels are great to make me look taller lol
10. cowboy boots or riding boots - Neither, I have a pair of biker boots.
11. jacket or hoodie - Jacket,
12. forever 21 or charlotte russe - N/A
13. abercrombie or hollister - Neither. But after Mike Jeffries' statement about not wanting bigger women seen in A&F clothes, I will say Hollister on principle.
14. saks 5th ave or nordstrom - N/A.

1. curly or straight - Curly as I have naturally straight hair.
2. bun or ponytail - Bun.
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins.
4. hairspray or gel - Neither
5. long or short - Long :)
6. light or dark - I don't know, I like my natural hair colour.
7. side swept bangs or front bangs - I haven't had either but side swept look better on most people.
8. up or down: depends

1. rain or shine - Shine.
2. summer or winter - Summer.
3. fall or spring - Autumn because we sometimes get some bouts of hot weather then :)
4. chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate
5. east coast or west coast - In reference to Britain, 'East Coast'! Since that is where I hail from :)

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  1. It's true! Abercrombie & Fitch's size 6 in shorts, which is my size, doesn't fit me. I have to try like a size 8 or 10 depending on the jean short. And it's too expensive. I really don't like the store anymore after that one time I went. tsk tsk.