Monday, 10 June 2013

Balenciaga Paris, 10 Avenue George V

Time for another fragrance post! This time it is Balenciaga 10 Avenue George V. When I received this sample, I had never heard of this scent before. From the packaging, it certainly looked like a more expensive brand. However, it is a similar price to most other high end perfumes.

Inside the perfume card, Balenciaga do not have a description of this perfume. I was disappointed about this since most of the other perfume sample I had received gave an idea what to expect. I even found it hard to find a description of the scent online later realising it is known by a slightly different name. I tried this perfume with an open mind not having a clue what fragrance would be in the bottle.

Balenciaga Paris, 10 Avenue George V

For me, this smells powdery and a bit too mature for my tastes. This does smell slightly floral but this isn't the overwhelming smell. This is definitely a 'woody' scent which is something I do not enjoy in most fragrances.

If one was to buy the bottle though, it would look good on a shelf. The bottle is simplistic yet sophisticated. The bottle is like a 'cage' shape and it has a white, spherical top with black 'cracks' in that make it look very chic. 

Personally, I would not pick this fragrance if I wanted a new perfume. I still feel quite young and I feel it would suit my mum or grandma more than me.

Have you tried this perfume before? Were you impressed?


This can be bought at Debenhams and other good perfumeries.

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  1. Great review, I have never heard of this perfume but I love your honest opinion!

    -B ♡