Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Body Shop 'Born Lippy' Lip Balms.

Hello lovelies!

After my small Body Shop haul last week, I came across an offer for one FREE lip balm per customer if you looked on the voucher codes website. No catch. No need to purchase anything before hand to receive the lip balm. Claiming was simple: showing my phone with the voucher on to the person behind the till I get a lip balm. These 'Born Lippy' Lip Balms usually retail for £3 each so when my mum and I claimed on each we came away with more than £6 worth of Body Shop goods without paying a penny.

There were four 'flavours' on offer: Strawberry, Lychee, Plum and Toffee. In the small outlet shop in Spalding I went into, they had some testers to try. The lady in the shop gave some recommendations and suggested the Lychee flavour as it had some shimmer added. I loved the sound of this so quickly picked it up. After being told the others were slightly tinted, I settled for Strawberry as I assumed it would deepen my natural lip colour.

The packaging of these are quite funky. I quite like the lips printed on the tube, but not so keen on 'LOL' written on the strawberry tube. These clearly look as if they are aimed at teenage girls and women in there early twenties. 

The Body Shop 'Born Lippy' Lip Balm in Strawberry (L) 
and Lychee (R)
Strawberry (L) and Lychee (R)

Born Lippy in Lychee Swatch

One thing I noticed when I opened the Strawberry lip balm was the uneven colouring. As you can see in the second picture, the colour has not been evenly distributed in the balm. It had a strong strawberry scent and was lovely and balmy on the lips. Was it tinted? No. Hence why there is no swatch - there was no point. I was a little disappointed in this to be honest as I love a natural way to enhance my lip colour.
- Worth £3? No.

The Lychee flavour was far more exciting! The smell was not quite as strong as the strawberry but it still had a slight fragrance. When applying this, it did not feel as smooth as the strawberry and the shimmer caused the lip balm to have a gritty texture on the lips. However, the grittiness was worth it as it was very shimmery and looked beautiful. This would be great to top over many lip stains to give them a different look. And an added bonus: it tasted sweet too! 
- Worth £3? Maybe, but I am stingy :P

Overall, the lychee was my favourite as it was a little different. The strawberry would be great for the winter when I have chapped lips but their are many cheaper balms on the market that are very similar to the strawberry.

Did you manage to claim a free Body Shop lip balm this week?


  1. I got the lychee too and I really like it x

  2. The lychee one sounds awesome! I'm always partial to anything lychee-flavored. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. You would love it then! Lychee is such an under-rated flavour x

  3. ohhhh I saw this offer too but I didn't manage to pop in store :(
    I like the pop art-esque packaging. x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

    1. The packaging is pretty cool :) That's a shame, it was such a good offer! x