Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush in 'Pearly Queen'

This polish for me has a story behind it, a silly one but a story all the same. Last Autumn when I needed a new pressed powder and eyeliner, I could purchase another product as Superdrug had '3 for 2' on Rimmel cosmetics at the time. Now I was stuck in the dilemma of being sensible (and buying another pressed powder as I get through powder so quickly) or taking the the frivolous option after I had spotted Rimmel's new (at the time) collection called Metal Rush and 'Pearly Queen' was my favourite of the collection.Silly me, resisted my urges and chose the sensible option but soon regretted not getting it. This resulted in me buying it a few weeks later at full price.

Rimmel Metal Rush in 'Pearly Queen' is part of a collection of four duo chrome polishes which Rimmel released late last year. Others in the collection are 'Purple Reign' (which I did own), Gold Save the Queen and Royal Blue. My favourite of the collection was 'Pearly Queen' by far as the colour looked soft and its lilac and green tones really attracted me.

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish in 'Pearly' Queen'

As you can see, this is a very sheer polish even with three coats (shown above). Despite this, I'm still in love with it because only in some lights can you see the nail line but others it looks like a normal polish. This is a very nice polish for layering over others. It gives a different dimension to any colour you want to spruce up.

This bottle of nail polish is very easy to use. The lacquer is a good consistency and the application brush is perfect for my needs. I love that Rimmel use flat wide brushes as it makes painting my nails a lot easier and gives me a lot more control. This also last surprisingly well for a cheaper polish lasting about three days minimum.

As I have said, I previously owned 'Purple Reign' from this collection but this did not live up to expectation. I bought it in February and by April (the third time I had used it) it had gone thick and gloopy which made smooth application almost impossible. I was gutted because I loved the colour so much. However, I contacted Coty (who own Rimmel) who were very kind and asked me to send it back to them so I could have my money back from the purchase and delivery.

All in all, I would recommend Pearly Queen to those thinking of getting it. It is so versatile as it can be worn alone or as a top coat. I love this so much I'm tempted to get another bottle before they discontinue it :)

Do you love the Metal Rush Collection? What's your favourite colour?



  1. I think this would be so pretty over a base color... maybe a black would bring out its douchrome-ness. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Yes, it is beautiful over another colour. I love it over a 'Barbie' pink. It makes the look a lot more subtle :) x

  2. This colour looks super pretty!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. To get it a bit more strong, I would try painting the nails with white nail polish first and then applying that nail color. I'm pretty sure it would look even more amazing. x

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

    1. Yes that is a good idea. It would mean I use less polish too! :) x