Monday, 24 June 2013

Body Shop Haul!

Recently, I had another small haul because I cannot resist a bargain! After seeing that The Body shop were having 40% off everything including sale items, I had to get something. I love some body butters from the brand that I received two years ago and sadly they are starting to run out. I also have decided to do some early Christmas shopping because why pay more at Christmas time and why not distribute the cost throughout the year? I feel this is the best idea (at the moment that is :P).

After waiting all day for the package to arrive (it came at 4:30 pm by UPS, not Royal Mail), I was excited to open my box of goodies. Here is what I received:

Top: Strawberry Shower Scrub and Soften Gift Set (£7.20)
Middle: Body Butters - Raspberry (£3), Cranberry (£2.60), Moroccan Rose (£3)
Bottom: Rainforest Radiance Hair Care Kit (£2.60)

The top and bottom sets are Christmas gifts. I feel like I have received a lot for my money. The Cranberry Body Butter also would have been a gift but I saw a small imperfection on the cream where a flake of something had dropped in so I MAY have to keep it for myself :P

The body butters smell gloriously fruity except the Moroccan Rose one which, of course, smells of roses :) The one thing I found disappointing with this one is that the 'butter' is not as thick as the fruity ones which it the texture I like the most. It's thinner like body moisturiser which is OK if you like that but I love the thicker body butter. I'm sure I will get some use out of it though.

Have you taken advantage of the Body Shop sale and discount? What did you buy?


  1. Nice haul! I love the Rainforest shampoos... the Rainforest Shine shampoo is the one I swear by! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. I've never tried the Rainforest collection but now I am confident this is a great present for someone :) x

  2. nice haul. I love the body shop. their candels and body wash are my fav


    1. I've never tried their candles but the body wash is nice. My sister got me a peach on for Christmas :) x