Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipstain 'Don't Stop Blushing'

Hello all,

I thought I would blog about something a little different today as all I seem to talk about is nails and fragrance. So I thought I would review something I bought back in Easter when Boots had 3 for 2 on all make up at Boots. As a big fan of lip stain rather than lipstick I decided on a cheaper and longer lasting option than using my favourite Benetint which I now use primarily on my cheeks. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Stain 'Don't Stop Blushing'

After seeing the advertisements by Rimmel for a new, affordable lip stain, I thought I would give it a try as I love my lips looking slightly more pink than my natural colour. So I swatched the testers in Boots and made the decision that 'Don't Stop Blushing' was the shade I wanted. I also liked the idea that it had a lip balm on the end to prevent your lips from drying out or giving a natural shine. From this product, I expected it to be long lasting and transfer-proof.

Top: Without Balm, Bottom: With Balm

I was quite disappointed with this product. When I swatched the testers on my hand in the shop, this colour looked very pink. However on my lips, it was a very bright orangey-pink coral. This is not the best tone for my fair complexion and at first did not feel very confident wearing it as a day-to-day colour.

This lip stain is only transfer-proof if you do not layer its own balm on top of it. When I noticed it transfer the first time, I assumed it was because I put it it on too soon after application. So next time I used it, I made sure the lip colour had dried completely before adding the balm. This mad no difference. I would leave kiss marks on my boyfriends cheek, on my drinking glasses, on my food and it even (embarrassingly) had made its way on to my chin while eating a sandwich. So certainly not transfer-proof with the lip balm on.

Long lasting? Not as well as I had hoped. From my experience wearing this without the balm, it lost its colour within a few hours. I expected this to last all day because the word 'stain' implies it is practically tattooed to you all day.

One good thing about this? The felt-tip applicator. It allows for a controlled application meaning tracing one's lips is relatively easy. But that is where the positives stop because to get a decent amount of colour on the lips you need to use the side of the applicator as the top part dries out so quick.

Another thing I wish this product came with is a factory seal. I notice a lot of Rimmel products do not have a seal and then you cannot be entirely sure whether someone (selfish) has tried this out because they don't want to try out a communal tester.

For £5.99, I would certainly not recommend this product. It is over priced for its claims. I would suggest investing more in this kind of product and buying something from Maxfactor. For half the price, I would consider buying this product again but not for any more.

Have you tried the Rimmel Lip Stains? Do you think I'm being too harsh on the product?



  1. So pretty! Bummer it did not last as long or as well as you wanted, but it's still a gorgeous color on you! :)

    ~ Yun