Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeliner review

Hello lovelies!

Big apologies for not posting too much this month. I have just been so busy and that is not going to stop! I have been trying to sort myself out for a teaching course that starts tomorrow and all last week I was taking an intensive driving course (which I passed :D) so I haven't had the time to post :( however, I will try to post as much as I can.

Anyway, today, I want to share with you one of my firm make-up bag essentials. I have always loved eye liner and I have loved every different kind from Kohl pencil to liquid. For the past few years, liquid eyeliner has been my absolute favourite and one brand in particular has produced a perfect product: Rimmel! 

Rimmel's Glam Eyes Eyeliner must be a great make-up bag staple because I have seen it voted many times in different magazines as an eye liner of choice. This is not initially why I picked up this product. I was increasingly getting fed up with stiff, spongy brushes that come with most liquid eye liners as it is more difficult to control. I love this product so much that I have picked up this product in Intense Plum (Purple) and Diamond Kiss (Silver). Both of these I picked up for 99p from Fragrance Direct. The Black Glamour version is not usually as cheap and retails at £5.29.

So why am I harping on about this products brush? Well, the brush that comes with this eye liner has long, thin bristles that emulates a fine paint brush. This allows for ease of precision and and really helps creating 'cat eyes'.

Longevity of this product is fantastic. It doesn't run and it lasts all day. 'Black Glamour' also has great pigmentation and usually only need one swipe on your lid for solid colour. 'Diamond Kiss' and 'Intense Plum' are not quite as easy to apply. The formula is quite thick so can leave some bald spots while applying and therefore you had to go over it again for a solid line. Considering that you can purchase these colours for much cheaper than 'Black Glamour', it feels acceptable to have this small niggle.

These eye liners, although small, seem to last forever. My last tube lasted me about nine months.  So although it seems like you get little product fro the price, there is a sufficient amount for reasonable usage.

I usually ask myself 'Would I repurchase this?' but this is a silly question: I always repurchase this! I have yet to find another eye liner to match this eye liner as a wholly fantastic product. My Grandma has even purchased an Estee Lauder liquid eye liner and although impressed by the actual product, could not get on with the applicator.

If I ever did an international swap, I would want to send my receiver this product?

Do you like 'Glam Eyes' eye liners?


  1. Sounds like a great product! I might give it a try seeing as I'm in the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner.

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. I would definitely recommend :) Can you get Glam Eyes in America?

  2. These look great! That purple is a really pretty shade! :)

    ~ Yun