Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rimmel Cocktail Colours Nail Polish in 'Apple Berry Smoothie'

Hello lovelies!

It is time for a nail polish post which I have not seemed to have done in ages! And this polish I am going to review really is very fabulous indeed.

Back in the Spring time, Rimmel launched a new range of nail polishes to go along side there base products (60 seconds, Lasting Finish etc.). These were the 'Cocktail Colours' range which at that point in time, I thought there were only three colours: Shirley Temple (orange), Hawaiian Punch (pink/red) and Baby Bellini (purple). All these shades were gorgeous and extremely sparkly (without the grittiness of being an actual glitter polish) and I knew I really wanted them. After doing my research online, I realised that these weren't the only colours Rimmel had produced in this line. In Europe, they had realised Apple Berry Smoothie (blue) and Cutie Colada (lime green). I was actually rather gutted that Rimmel hadn't released these shades in the UK and had settled to thinking that I would never get hold of these polishes.

That is until a recent visit to my local discount cosmetics shop. While browsing their many shelves of nail polish, I spotted a couple of sparkly Rimmel polishes at the back. And to my surprise, the colours were Apple Berry Smoothie and Cutie Colada. Being the last ones on the shelf, I quickly snapped them up into my basket. Even better though, these were being sold for £1.50 rather than the usual retail price of £3.99. So that day, I was a very happy chappy.

Anyway, back to talking about the polish...

First things first (and I know I always say this), but I really do love this polish. Before I picked up this polish, I had not had a blue quite like this so this was a shade welcome into my collection. With this being quite sparkly too, I was very happy to wear this.

I can really understand why Rimmel released the 'Cocktail Colours' collection in the spring/summer because of its shine. We have had a couple of really sunny days this week and while walking to the train station from university I could not help but be mesmerised by this polish as it glistened in the sun. It makes me want to get the entire collection!

Another positive about this polish is its longevity. The pictures you see here are from four days of wear. The only signs of wear my nails have currently is some slight tip wear on my right thumbnail but I think this is because I have a bad habit of opening blister packs with this nail. I have no doubt that this polish could last up to a week if looked after.

If I'm honest, I cannot really think of many negatives for this polish. If I wrack my brain, the only downside of this nail polish is how sheer it is. This needed three coats the be relatively opaque which although is not unreasonable, I still quite like a polish that is fully opaque in two coats.

Overall, I really like this polish. Rimmel have maintained a standard of quality without the price tag. Additionally, the colours of this collection are FANTASTIC!

Do you like Rimmel Cocktail Colours?


  1. Ah, thank you for sharing! My niece needed a color just like this for a dance recital and came to me and I had no idea what brands sold long wearing bright colors.
    HUGE new Sephora Haul on my blog, take a look :-)

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous blue! Yes I totally see why you love it! It's so awesomely shimmery and sparkly! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. I know! I wish I owned more blues like this in my collection :) x

  3. This colour is gorgeous! It reminds me of mermaids (such a little kid deep down!)

    1. I hadn't seen that before but now I can see it, I totally agree! The colour is just so gorgeous x

  4. so pretty, I love blue nails :)
    I really liked the cocktail collection when it came out, I wish they did more colours, I just saw 3/4 in store :(

  5. Rimmel has been on their game! I love their nail polishes and although I personally don't wear glitter too often, this color is gorgeous!