Sunday, 29 September 2013

GOSH Velvet Touch Primer.

Hello lovelies!

Huge apologies for being away from my blog for so long. I have been ill this week and have had a huge amount of work to do for my teaching course. I hate being away from this place too long!

Anyway, I want to review something I purchased while Superdrug were offering free delivery on their orders. After falling in love with primers the past few months, I wanted to expand my collection with some good quality ones. After being impressed by my current Revlon one, I decided to try GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. Having seen it had won a 'Beauty Steal' award from Superdrug, I assumed the product would be very good! They also had it for Buy one get one half price so I purchased two which totalled around £12. I was so confident in this product that I thought it was worth buying two while it was cheap.

This primer was 30ml and came with a pump tube applicator. The formula is clear and the product was gel-like. I had never had a primer with a consistency like this before!

Was I impressed by this product? Definitely not initially! I had such high hopes for this product and was hugely disappointed to begin with. I usually apply a moisturiser on before a primer and this product just clumped on top of my usual moisturiser that I felt I had to be careful applying the stuff! It made my skin feel oily and did not sink into my skin as I expected it to. It certainly didn't leave my skin with a velvet touch!

It redeemed itself though as this product did make my make-up last all day which was a bonus. And a primers biggest purpose is to make your cosmetics last all day, right?

In fact, I feel like I was initially very hard on this product as I was expecting it to match my Revlon PhotoReady primer. I have tried this since and it has not been too bad. It does not feel as oily if applied without moisturiser and my skin can now handle wearing this on top of a moisturiser without clumping.

Would I class this as my beauty steal? No. For £9.99 it is now retailing for (which is pretty average for a primer currently), I would not recommend it. I like a primer to sink into my skin and leave me wanting to touch my skin rather than smearing my face with gel. I do not mind this product now but I would recommend that others spend £2 more and invest in Revlon's primer.


  1. Great review, thanks for sharing. I haven't tried the Revlon one, I'll have to give it a shot!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. Hope you're feeling better now! <3 Thanks for the honest review on the primer. :)

    ~ Yun