Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rêve by Van Cleef & Arpels EDP review

Hello lovelies!

To mark the middle of this week I thought I would review a fragrance! I love reviewing fragrances and have have just about managed to gain my sense of smell back!

I acquired this sample from a website that offers products for reviews. It is called 'What's In My Handbag?' and basically you sign up to 'try' various products by answering a few questions. When I spotted that I could try Rêve, I thought 'Why not?', I had nothing to lose. I had heard nothing about Van Cleef & Arpels before so had no idea what to expect.

My sample arrived within a week which I was more than happy with for a freebie! And the sample size is rather generous too. Most samples I have picked up from the shops before are around 1.2ml or 1.5ml and this was 2ml so I was happy with how much you are given to test out.

Inside, it states: 'Discover the enchanting garden of the new fragrance REVE: bouquet of delicate white Flowers, juicy Pear and mysterious Amber...'

In my honest opinion, this fragrance is quite 'safe'. White floral perfumes seem like a safe bet for perfumers and this for me does not stand out from the rest. I can smell white flowers and some of the pear notes, but I would have loved the Lily notes to be more prominent than the others to make this scent really dreamy.

The bottle of this scent is simple. It is a nice spherical bottle and not too complicated. Had this scent been outstanding, I could justify the simplicity of the bottle. And ironically, I feel if this bottle was unusual and pretty, I could probably purchase this on these grounds.

So for me, this is a rather underwhelming product. If I was bought this, I would not complain but I still would not spend my money on this product either. This gives me the same feelings as 'See' By Chloe - a little too safe and a bottle that does not help the product either.

But why not give it a go in the shops? I am sure it will smell fantastic on someone.


  1. what a shame you're underwhelmed :( I also go for more interesting and intriguing scents. xx

    1. Yeah, it was a shame. Oh well, hopefully this brand will bring out something more exciting :)