Saturday, 14 September 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Primer Review

Hello lovelies!

Today, I'm going to review one of my relatively new primers. After having a tricky start with primers a few years ago (they seemed to always roll up my powder and I generally did not see the point in them), I rediscovered my love for them when I realised that actually, they are a pretty neat product. As my Avon Magix face primer was coming to an end, I knew I needed to purchase another primer pronto! But since I didn't have an Avon lady to turn to any more, which high street primer should I purchase?

I decided to storm the discount make-up store in my home town to see if their were any bargain primers. There wasn't really many to pick from and so I decided to pick up Revlon Photo Ready Primer  as I know that Revlon is renowned for being a good brand. This product had not been reduced by much and retailed at £7.49. However, since many other cheaper brands offered primers at this price I thought it could not be too bad.

When I first pumped this product out I was rather sceptical. Having been used to Avon's thicker formula, I was surprised this pumped out as runny as some moisturisers. However, I persevered with this product because I had heard some good things about it both on the internet and from my Grandma.

Was I wrong to doubt this product on its consistency? YES! As I layered this onto my skin on top of my moisturiser, it melted into my skin creating a beautiful velvety finish. It evened out my uneven skin tone and my minimised pores. It really felt fantastic to put on ready to layer my other make-up on top.

However, how long did it help my make-up last? ALL DAY! One of the most important things about a primer is to help your make-up last the duration of the day. After doing my make-up at 6 am, coming home at 5 pm I can still feel my face powder present on my face. I was (and still am) very impressed with how long it helps my make-up last.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely. In fact, if you need a new primer, buy this one now! Even at its full price, it is worth it. For me, it feels as though it is a premium quality primer (although I have not tried the critically acclaimed Smashbox version) at a high street price.

What is your favourite primer? 


  1. I've heard great things about this primer. For me, I don't use an all-over primer, just one for my eyes to keep the eye makeup from sliding off lol. :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Eye primers are important but this one is fantastic :) x

  2. I agree, this is a great primer! love the finish, it leaves the skin looking healthy too. all the Revlon photoready range products are worth investing in, in my opinion of course ;) xx