Sunday, 25 August 2013

B. Glowing Shimmer Block in 'Just Peachy' (161) review

Hello lovelies,

As you all know, I have become a bit of a blush addict recently. And after being so busy recently and successfully managing to get a clearing place for a teaching course (major YAY!), I thought I deserved a treat. This should have been put on my 'Blush Crush' list but I spotted this a couple of days after I had published the post. B. Glowing Shimmer Block in 'Just Peachy' is not a blush I had heard very much about. The B. cosmetics range are exclusive to Superdrug to rival high end drug store brands. B. is not a range I had taken very much notice about as it is usually in the bigger stores. But after some browsing, I automatically fell in love with this product. I get the feeling this could also be a particularly popular shade as I managed to grab the last one on the shelf!

I have heard this being compared to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks - but this is a fraction of the price. I believe this draws comparisons because it had its colours in 5 different stripes. It states this product can be used for cheeks and eyes and says it can be blended or use the colours separately.

First things first: I LOVE this product. So far, I do not have a bad word to say about this product and I will now mention some things I really like.

This shimmer block is very pigmented. Although I am comparing it to my less-pigmented Bourjois Round Pot Blusher. One swirl around the pot of this gives me enough powder to apply on each cheek. This powder is also really easy to blend. I had little problem with blending this into a natural 'glow'.

The colour is also perfect. B. Glowing Shimmer Blocks come in three different colours: this one, Blush (196) and Bronze (108). I never choose bronzer because of my pale complexion and the colour 'Blush' just was not as beautiful as 'Just Peachy'. This surprised me as I much prefer pink blushers and tend to steer away from peachy/orange shades. But this one just looked great. The shimmer balances this shade out as it is so delicate. This colour is soft and would compliment many skin tones while the shimmer means that one would not need to use highlighter in their daily routine.

Another thing I think is great about this product is the mirror inside. It is large enough so that you can use it for make-up emergencies and right now (while it is brand new), it is clear enough to use in my usual make up routine. It also holds a fair amount of product. You get 8g for your purchase which means (I hope) that I will get many years of use out of this product.

Now, I only find it fair to give this product a downside (like most of my other reviews). The only thing I can pick fault in is the packaging. For the usual price of £8.99, I would expect the packaging to feel sturdier. It feels very plasticy in the hand and when I try and open it I get worried that it will break in my hands!

Overall, I really do love this product. From a relatively unknown brand, the quality of this is fantastic. I purchased this for £5.99 and I am glad I did. If I ever did an international swap with someone, I would want to send them this!

Have you tried B. Shimmer Blocks? Do B. have any other products worth trying?


  1. how pretty, looks great on you, i love these multi tone products. never heard of this brand before, need to research a bit :) xx

    1. Thanks :) I would give this a try if you love these products. You wouldn't regret it. It's Vegan friendly too :) x

  2. That's so cute! I love blushes that are made up of different colors. The blend of colors makes it look more natural when you have it on. :)

    ~ Yun