Monday, 5 August 2013

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme Review

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. Unfortunately where I am, it is slightly on the cooler side but I am hoping for some sun soon :)

But I thought today was a day to try out one of the samples I had picked up most recently. Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme is the new fragrance for women by Hugo Boss. I have seen the adverts everywhere: on catch-up TV adverts and in the magazines. The scent is advertised by Gwyneth Paltrow (who is stunning) and it the campaign seems simple and fresh. So when I picked up this sample, I was excited to try it out. To be honest, I had not heard much about what the actual fragrance actually smelled like but expected it not to be a complicated scent because if it's simple packaging.

Inside the card, it describes this scent as 'A fragrance like the first light of day - full of beautiful possibilities.' I quite liked this description as it was quite philosophical and hoped this fragrance would live up to expectation.

From the notes listed, I was happy to put on this perfume. A lot of fragrances add a lot of different scents which can sometimes make them so complicated they can give me a headache. I was a bit skeptical of the woody notes from the white birch as wood based fragrances are not my favourite.

When I put this on, I was surprised how the notes came out. Initially I got the scent of lime quickly followed by the white birch. I was a little disappointed that the floral notes had not become as prominent as I had hoped. Then BAM! The honeysuckle and freesia developed and seem to form the base notes on me - strange!

Do I like this scent? Yes, very much so. I find this is a versatile scent for all ages. As this is light and uncomplicated, this ideally suits daytime wear although (like any daytime fragrances) can be worn in the evening too. The only downside is the bottle. I am a sucker for an interesting bottle but like most of Hugo Boss' fragrances, this comes in a very plain bottle. Yes it is inoffensive, but I like something that looks good on the dressing table.

Would I purchase this? Probably not. Not because I do not like it, but because this has not got a 'WOW' factor that I am seeking. If I am shelling out money for a fragrance, I want it to be something I feel I cannot live without. Although if this was given to me as a gift, I would be very happy to wear it from time-to-time and it would not be relegated to a back of a cupboard.

Have you smelled Jour Pour Femme? Do you like it?

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