Thursday, 1 August 2013

OPI Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj Collection)

Hello lovelies,

I have to apologise for my absence from blogging the past few days but things have not been swell at home and I have not had to time to read everyone else's lovely blog posts and not had the time to write my own, until now! :)

Two weeks ago, I was in a small town called Wisbech where my Grandma lives. During my visits there, I love visiting Poundland to raid their cosmetics section as they have loads of known brands. So when I went in there I was shocked to see they were stocking OPI Shatter nail polish! Usually retailing at £11.50, I was able to pick up a nice big bottle of shatter for only £1 - bargain! Out of all the colours they had available, I chose a lovely purple because I knew it would go well with pinks (and I have a lot of them!).

When I got home, I was surprised to see it was from the Nicki Minaj collection and named 'Super Base Shatter'. I love the song, but I have never been overly keen on Minaj's style. However, seeing the other polishes in the collection, I can understand why this polish would make a great topper for the bright colours she released.

This polish is a deep purple colour with a slight shimmer. As with most shatter polishes, these can be worn alone as a normal polish or apply it to completely dry nail polish to see it shatter. This is the second shatter polish I own as I have previously purchased Rimmel's 'Crack your Colour' in Silver Clash. I had higher hopes for OPI's shatter as it is a higher end brand than Rimmel and I was a little disappointed in 'Crack your Colour's' translucent formula.

OPI Super Bass Shatter over Rimmel's Lycra 
Pro Nail Polish in 'Sorbet So Good'
Top: Flash, Bottom: No Flash

I have to apologise for my dodgy application to my little finger, but proves a point for anyone that may want to use shatter polishes. It is very important not to go over polish twice once you have painted an area. If you do, the shatter pattern is not very effective while drying.

I was rather impressed by this polish. It is opaque and if applied correctly, the shatter effect looks really good. When I first painted it on, it crossed my mind that it was going to look terrible. It started to look as if I had coated my nails in a thin layer of poster paint! However, when left the cracks started to appear and looked surprisingly good. I was very happy with it :)

The formula is quite thin to start with but after a few applications it became a bit gloopier at the top. This isn't a problem now as it's a new bottle but I'm worried after a few months it may become unusable. This also dries to a 'matte' finish. I am not too keen on this so in my photos above, I have applied a top coat.

This may seem random but I really like the texture this gives to my nails. It feels almost reptile and could not stop stroking them!

I also found the polish very good at maintaining my manicure. Rimmel's 'Sorbet So Good' is not very long lasting (despite the claims) but this as a topper made the whole look last a week. In fact, the pictures above show my nails after one week of wear.

Would I repurchase this? Yes, only if it was £1 though. For a shatter polish (which are currently making it's way out of fashion) £11.50 is too much. I have even seen this polish on 'Cheap Smells' for £9.95 which is a rip off! This is fully worth purchasing from Poundland if you can find it. It can prolong a manicure and actually doesn't look too bad.

Do you like OPI Shatter polishes? Would you purchase this for £1?


  1. I love your combo. I really don't understand why crackle didn't go over that well and texture is going nuts. What I like about crackle is its animal print effect.

    And I hope things are better for you! ;)

  2. Thanks Melissa :) I think the crackle went nuts as I accidentally overlapped the polish which makes it suck a bit :( x

  3. I hope things are better for you soon! <3
    The dark purple crackle over the light purple base is a super cute combo! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks :) I was stuck on that to put my new crackle under and thought anything with a pink hue was safe :) x

  4. I don't really like crackle polishes but this one looks great! And I would definitely buy it for 1 pound!
    Just followed you on bloglovin! :D

    B, xx

    1. Thanks :) I wouldn't spend a lot on shatter polishes but this one was hard to resist :) x

  5. I have one of these nail effect polishes from barry m but haven't actually tried it! The texture sounds pretty cool haha

    Ria x
    NatuRia Beauty

    1. It is surprisingly good. If you have nice nails, I recommend this to anyone :) x

  6. it's a beautiful shade - I really like the shatter effect! x

    1. I love it too! Shatter is surprisingly nice :) x

  7. oh that looks so pretty :)