Monday, 12 August 2013

Cosmetics Crushes: Blush

Since starting my blog, all I have seemed to do is post reviews on things that I own and what I think of them. So this is why I want to start a post that is a little different called 'Cosmetics Crush' which are items I really want that are either really hard to get hold of in the UK or that I can't afford to buy just yet because I need to save the pennies for my course this September. I hope each time I make a post on my 'Cosmetics Crushes', their will be a theme. This post is dedicated to blushes because for some odd reason, I just want a bag filled with different blushes!

I think it all started when I knew I was in desperate need of a new blush. I had been using my Benefit's Benetint for years and I felt I wanted a change. I was just a bit bored of liquid blushers. Then Emily from Freckles & Flaws Beauty Blog shared with her followers about the £2.00 deal of Bourjois Round Pot Blushers at Boots, I was hooked after purchasing some! Now my love of nail polishes have taken somewhat of a back seat as I am now eyeing up different blushers at every opportunity.  Yes, I still love my polishes and would not be without them but I am so crushing on blush!

Here are a few that I am seeking desperately:

1. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - I spotted this blush on my travels looking at other people blogs and my firsts thoughts were how fricking cute these blushers are! Their dome shaped lid, the adorable fluffy application puff... there is nothing I dislike about the looks of this blush! Etude is a company from South Korea which explains their oh-so-cute packaging of their cosmetics but they also have a huge range of colours! My desired favourites would be #2 Strawberry Choux and #7 Rose Sugar Macaroons. You can pick these up from eBay (with free shipping!) here.

2. Accessorize Baked Blusher - I have been hankering after this for a long while. Yes, they are relatively cheap (£4.95) but as I have a nice blusher, I cannot afford to splurge on frivolous things just yet. I fell in love with these blushers after buying an eye shadow in the Accessorize 50% off sale and finding its quality and pigmentation amazing. Every time I go into Superdrug I find myself gravitating towards The Accessorize blushers testers and always deciding that I love the shade 'Scandal'. This has been on my wishlist for weeks.

3. Bourjois Round Pot Blush in Rose Frisson - After receiving my £2 Bourjois blushers from Boots a month ago, it has made me just want more! I would have the whole collection if I could but their are certain shades that I love over others. Rose Frisson is my 'most wanted' of the bunch followed by Rose Pompom, Rose de Jasp and Cendre Rose de Brune. What makes me love this blusher so much? The smell! I would sit there and sniff it all day if I could. It makes me look forward to putting blusher on in my make-up routine.

4. Milani Baked Blush - I have not heard so much raving about a blusher before as I have this one. Milani is a brand you can source to the US and the reason people love this blush so much is its longevity and pigmentation. I have seen loads of swatches and love the shades Corallina and Dolce Pink. This blush makes me want to be a cosmetics tourist, haha!

So those are my current cosmetics crushes for blushes! Do you have any Cosmetic Crushes? Are there any blushes you recommend?


  1. These all look lovely! I may have to try the Milani blushers, have not picked any up yet!

    1. They are apparantly really good! I am so desperate to try them :) x

  2. The tarte ones are really good and super long lasting!

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. Ooo you have added to my blush crush! I need to stop lol x