Friday, 12 July 2013

Oldie but a Goldie: Lancome Color Focus Palette in 311 Parure d'Etoiles

Hello lovlies!

I thought I would do a new kind of post because I have loads (maybe an exaggeration) of stuff in my make-up bag that I would love to share with you! Many of my Golden Oldies are higher end brands and this is one of them: my Lancome Color Focus Palette in 311.

I got this a few Christmas' ago when my Grandma was struggling to think of anything for my Christmas present. As she knew I liked higher end brands, she asked me if I wanted a new eye shadow set. Of course I jumped at the chance and settled on Lancome. Although I had always received Dior gifts from my stepmother and loved the products, I had also heard great things about Lancome and assumed it would be just as great (if not better!).

When I was picking this, I was in love with dark eye shadows. I loved the Goth look but was also taken with white eyelids too. This palette satisfied these needs. It was a range of 'blues'. The colours were white, a silvery blue, a shimmery gunmetal blue and a navy. This palette was actually specifically designed for creating something special (like make-up artists would do) but as I am not creative, I just use these as block colours.

This palette came with a handy little mirror inside which is ideal for travel. It also cames with two regular sponge applicators and a thinner one which is handy for when one wants to create an eyeliner effect.

These eye shadows have great staying power and usually last all day. They do have a good pigmentation, even the white which on this swatch looks quite weak. However, these Lancome eye shadows are not as soft as I like my eye shadows to be. Because of the hardness of the powder, it takes a while for my brush to pick up the colour.

Overall, I love my Lancome Color Focus Palette  and the shades it has are wonderful. My only disappointment is that it is a highly dense pressed eye shadow which makes it hard to get a lot on the brush.

Have you tried Lancome eye shadows? Do you like them?


  1. This looks like the perfect colors to do a blue smokey eye!

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. That was the term I was looking for! I wish I knew how to do smokey eyes nicely :) x

  2. What gorgeous colours! I just bought a lancome palette yesterday half price and cannot wait to try it! :) xxx


    1. Ooo, i can't wait for your post on that! :) x

  3. I have never tried any lancome eyeshadow, the pigmentation look great and that shade 4 is stunning! x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

    1. Yes, Shade 4 is really pigmented lol. It's a colour to wear when going out :) x