Thursday, 25 July 2013

Accessorize Baked Duo Eye Shadow in Thalia (13)

Hello you lovely lot,

I feel like I have been a bit mad with the sales recently. Everywhere I look there seems to be some kind of sale on and after my driving theory test (which I passed by the way, yay!) I nipped into Accessorize after being lured in by their '50% off' signs. Usually, I don't expect much as the small print usually says 'up to *50% off*' and all I tend to find are things with a pound or two knocked off but this was really a sale!

On my first trip I bought a Pashmina (RRP £19, Sale £13) and a Baked Eye Shadow Trio (RRP £6, Sale £1.80). One my next trip though to Kings Lynn, I couldn't resist buying an eye shadow called 'Thalia'. I had not yet tried Accessorize's eye shadows (as I picked up the last one by mistake thinking it was a blusher) but as these were the kind of 'safe' earth tones I like for day-to-day wear, I purchased this for £2. I also love shimmery eyeshadows so this was right up my street.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get very good pictures of the swatches but hopefully you can see what they look like. The accurate representation of colouring is shown in the middle picture.

This eye shadow far exceeded my expectations.The dark brown in particular is highly pigmented and just the shade I wanted. The 'marbled' side of the eye shadow is a little less daring and great for a subtle look. This is less pigmented but still has a lot of shimmer! Neither of these shadows budge during the hoot weather either which is a bonus.

Another great thing about this eye shadow is the packaging! Yes, I know you shouldn't pick a product for the packaging but I cannot help but adore the little butterflies on the lid. This compact seals up tightly so there is a smaller chance of it opening in your handbag.

One of the disadvantages of this is probably its tendency to break. Mine has not broken, but when I had a look around Nottingham's sale make-up section a couple had broken a little inside. This was probably from careless customers dropping them but it is still an indication that unless you care careful, this product can be easily damaged.

Overall, I am very happy with this product. For the price, the pigmentation is fantastic. My only regret is not purchasing some other colours!

Have you tried Accessorize cosmetics? Do you think they're good?


  1. I've not tried Accessorize make up yet but everything I have seen, looks like very good quality. I really like the packaging too.
    This eyeshadow is so pretty, perfect shades for my taste :) x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

    1. It is surprisingly good quality. I would certainly purchase again. It is great stuff :) x

  2. This eyeshadow looks so strange in the packet but in the swatches it looks gorgeous!

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. I know! Baked eyeshadows do look strange but the brown is absolutely gorgeous x

  3. Hehe I really like the packaging too! The butterflies are really cute! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I know. More products should have pretty packaging :) x