Friday, 8 November 2013

Maybelline Color Sensation Popsticks in Pink Lollipop (030) review.

Hello lovelies!

The day (or month) has finally come where I have gone mad over a make-up essential that I never had a craving before: lipstick! In my previous post, I showed you my lipstick haul from Fragrance Direct and so I want to review a product that has been slightly controversial. It has generally been given a thumbs down by bloggers. Yes, it is the Maybelline Popstick!

The reason this product has been slated is because of it's lack of colour pay off. Yes, this is true. But pick your colour right and it's not too bad!

After being allured by their pretty packaging and neon appearance, I knew I just wanted one. Yes, it was because of the novelty really but for the price of £1.99 online it was an inexpensive indulgence. After seeing so many bad reviews, I decided to swatch these in my local Superdrug before purchasing. This made me settle for pink lollipop. It was the most colourful and gave the best colour pay off. The others there swatched rather clear and the product itself looked a bit boring (cherry pop and crystal pink, I'm looking at you!).

This product is totally worth it if you want a sheer, natural lipstick.

When my boyfriend first saw this in the tube, he was rather afraid of what the results would look like. It is just a bright, neon-pink lipstick in the tube. The outcome is not so scary. It is incredibly sheer, just like a balm. As I have said, this is the lipstick I found to have the most colour pay-off with it giving lips a slightly pinker tinge to them - very natural!

Is this worth the full RRP of £7.19? No, definitely not. If I had bought this for that price I would be extremely cross for what is a glorified lip balm. For £1.99? This is worth it for those days where you want understated make-up to enhance your lip colour.

Have you tried these popsticks?


  1. I definitely don't mind a more sheer color because it's more wearable. This looks so cute on you! :)

    ~ Yun

  2. Great review and thanks for the swatch too! :)
    I think it's very pretty and flattering! xx