Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year! What did December bring me?

Hello fellow bloggers!

Wow, I have not posted for a very long while. December is a very busy month for most of us, Christmas and the shopping! Which means that I have sooo much to blog about but not enough time to do it. So I have decided to do a round up of what I've bought or received last month, so sit tight: it's going to be a long post!

Fragrance Direct Haul December 2013
(Italicised text are the things I kept) 

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Maximum Volume Mascara
NYC Eyeshadow in Gossip Girl and On The Radar

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Mischief
Maybelline Super Stay 24h Lip Colour in Infinite Petal
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Oxford St Fuschia
Dainty Doll Lipstick in In His Kiss 005

Nails - OPI
Excuse Moi
Steady As She Rose
Diva of Geneva
Congeniality Is My Middle Name
Pedal Faster Suzi!

MNY Blush 101
NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in Apple Blueberry Pie
Pets Rock Compact Mirror

A big(-ish) haul, huh? The reason I did this haul was my itchy fingers when I see new OPI colours come into stock on the Fragrance Direct website. I was desperate to get my hands on ' Excuse Moi' from the Muppets Collection.

Best product of the haul: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Oxford St. Fuschia. I had heard people rave about this lipstick for a while and decided to pop one in my basket. Perfect colour and doesn't dry out my lips. I will probably purchase these again at full RRP if Fragrance Direct does not stock up again.

Most disappointing: Possibly the Mini Bourjois Nail Files shown in the first picture. I bought for my handbag to remedy snags away from home. These, however, just fall apart in one use. Not worth the 99p.

I wish I had kept: The Applelicious Lip Balm! I ordered two: one for my cousin and the other I had ordered accidentally. I was going to keep it but my sister needed bits for a stocking filler. She better like it!

Birthday (16th December)

With a birthday so close to Christmas, it is always difficult to figure out what you want. There is only so much stuff you can suggest to others to buy before running out of ideas. Now, I had asked my lovely BF for the Clarins 'The Essentials' Eye Palette and asked him weeks in advance. However, the last minute shopper that he is discovered that the shops had completely sold out. So this left him asking me if I wanted any fragrances. The only one I knew I wanted for my collection was J'adore Voile de Parfum. I didn't expect to get it because of it's extortionate price tag. However I was very lucky to be given the bigger size of this product (100 ml) to use. It is a gorgeous floral scent that is extremely classy. Gorgeous.

Secret Santa

I did two Secret Santa's this year: one with my University friends and one at my school (which was much bigger). I think I can safely say, those that picked my name knew me quite well. The budgets were £5 so I was pretty amazed with what I got.

The Secret Santa with my uni friends could have turned out to be a disaster. I was picked by a male friend of mine! Luckily, he had heard me gossiping in seminars with my girl friends. So I received two Claire's nail polishes which are all very Christmasy. I have yet to try them out but I will look forward to wearing them.

Next, I have no idea who bought me my Secret Santa when I I was at school but clearly I look like a girl who loves her make up! I got a three tins of lip balms in different flavours and a gorgeous eye shadow palette.

I could not have asked for better suited gifts!

Enough with this post. I will hopefully get round to posting a 'January Sales' post soon!

Did you get some lovely gifts for Xmas?


  1. Happy New Year and happy birthday !! :)
    GREAT haul… all the OPI shades are so pretty and love the mirror too. xx

    1. Thank you :) I love the mirror too! Again, it was another stocking filler for my sister :) x

  2. ooo belated happy birthday! :) just thought id comment on those lovely OPI nail polish shades its perfect for valentines day!

  3. What a great bunch of items! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

    ~ Yun