Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes by Alber Elbaz in DO5

Hello lovelies!

I want to share one of my little treasures from my post-Christmas sales purchases. This year I found the sales to be utterly fantastic if you went to the right places (Debenhams in Nottingham still had some fantastic offers a week after Boxing Day).

I could not help but grab the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Eyeshadow Pallette by Alber Elbaz in DO5. After swearing I would not spend my money on Lancome eyeshadows again (after purchasing a palette before and believing the pigmentation was not up to scratch), I caved as this was half price. Instead of being £38, this was £19. Not a bad reduction for Lancome. However you only get 2.7g of product in total! I would have been very annoyed if I had paid full price for this for very little product.

The packaging is very enticing. The designs by Alber Elbaz seem to be aimed more towards a younger, more 'kooky' market. I cannot imagine this is the kind of palette my grandma would have on her dressing table! I love how different the design is - it is right up my street.

The palette came with instructions on how to create perfect smoky eyes in three different intensities. This was perfect for me as I have always struggled to create a look that works (I'm getting there!). The colours come listed as 1 to 5 with the diagram showing which shades to use for the different intensities.

From the swatches, you can see that the shadows are quite pigmented apart from number 1 which is the highlighter. It is very glittery and cannot really be used independently.

The rest of the shadows are rather lovely. The colours are typical of what I would usually wear as they are very neutral. The pigmentation is not as fantastic as brands like Urban Decay, but it is better than my last Lancome eyeshadow palette.

The shades seem to blend really well too. I find many shows hard to soften out the harsh edges but this palette is almost like a 'beginners' tool to smoky eyes.

I would never have paid full price for this product because of its minimal amount of product. It is only just worth what I paid for it at sale price. 
That said, the colour are gorgeous and the instructions have been very handy for me. I don't regret buying this product but if it was a permanent addition to the Lancome line, I would not repurchase this.
Why would anyone have paid full price for this at £38? I would rather spend a pound less and indulge in a Urban Decay Naked palette.


  1. Beautiful palette and it's extra special limited edition. My fave shades are 2 and 5 :) xx

    1. Ooh I didn't know it was extra special? 2 is a gorgeous shade, I love it :) x