Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nails Inc 'Elizabeth Street'

Hello Beauty Fans!

I hope you are all having a fine day. I have decided to swatch something different to O.P.I. today (although I was very tempted) and try some Nails Inc which I had not worn for a while.  I got four Nails Inc polishes just before Christmas which came with the December issue of Glamour Magazine. This worked out about £2 a polish and the first one I grabbed was Elizabeth Street. Elizabeth Street is a very pale pink for those who like to play it safe or would like something for a French Manicure. It is also very sheer and is difficult to become completely opaque.

When I first used it I thought it was amazing. It felt like it look a while to chip and the application seemed very smooth and streak free. But how do I feel about it now?

Nails Inc. 'Elizabeth Street'

Well, it's not quite as beautiful and stress free as I remember. As you can see from the bottle in the picture, I have used a lot of the lacquer and therefore this may have made the formula gloopier. When painting my nails it felt as if each coat was thicker and streakier than the last. When dry, it feels quite plastic-y and has a very 'cheap' feel to it. I also noticed that it dented easier while drying and drying time took a looooong while. I am just not feeling this polish as much as I did at Christmas time.

I'm not sure whether this is because the polish just isn't that good, the length of time I've owned this has affected its formula or whether I'm being hard on Nails Inc because I have since found a love in O.P.I.

Buying this for £2 (including the magazine) made this worth buying. However, I would not buy this full price from the shop (£11 for poor quality after a few months? No thank you...). I would rather spend 50p more and buy superior O.P.I. quality.

What do you lot think of Nails Inc.? Have I just got a rubbish bottle of polish? Or do you think that Nails Inc. are overpriced?


P.S.: I promise I do not promote O.P.I. for a living :)


  1. Oh I totally agree, I really don't like Nails Inc polishes. They're so expensive but they seem to chip within a day, like you said OPI polishes are most definitely worth the extra 50p xx

    Gemma ♥ |

    1. Yes, 50p more with and extra 5mls in the bottle. It's only worth buying them for £2 on offer x